Empire United Soccer Academy

Board of Directors

Empire United Soccer Academy is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation with a board that governs the organization. The executive committee is formed by James Mort, Chairman and Executive Director, Thomas Garigen, Vice-Chairman and Director of Coaching, and Chris Apple Vice-Chairman and Technical Director. Additional board members are Mike Petocchi as secretary, Regina Russ as Treasurer, Gary Levine as general counsel, and Richard Beal.

Board of Directors
    James Mort - Chairman* / Executive Director
    Tom Garigen - Vice Chairman* / Buffalo Director of Coaching
    Chris Apple - Vice Chairman* / Rochester Director of Coaching
    Mike Petocchi - Secretary    
    Regina Russ - Treasurer    
    Gary Levine - General Counsel    
    Richard Beal - Syracuse Chairman    
    * Executive Committee      

Buffalo Operations Board
    Ginny Callahan - Secretary / Registrar
    Regina Russ - Treasurer / Payables & Receivables
    Karen Hernandez - Facilities Coordinator
    Kevin O'Neil - Associate Coaching Director/ Camp & Programs Director
    Brian Cribbs - Associate Coaching Director/Z1 House League Director

Rochester Operations Board
    Jeff Oliver - Associate Director / Operations Director
    Mike Petocchi - Secretary
    Theresa Grana - Registrar
    Joe Plummer - Facilities Manager
    Scott Allen - Treasurer / Receivables
    Rob Wall - Treasurer / Payables
    Andre Blaakman - Marketing & Web
    Tara Baxter - Equipment & Uniforms
    Jeanne Covert - Marketing & Sponsorship
    Andrew Stewart - Social Media

Niagara Operations Board
    Gary Flanigan - Niagara Director of Coaching

Syracuse Operations Board
    Dick Beal - Syracuse Director of Coaching

US Soccer Development Academy
    Jeff Oliver - Director of Operations, Boys Program
    Bryan Cribbs - Director of Operations, Girls Program

Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL)
    Chris Hershey - General Manager / Head Coach

Empire Cup and College Showcase Tournament
    Mike Henderson - Tournament Director / Batavia Sports Park Site Mgr.
    Gary Pasano - Tournament Operations Manager