Empire United Soccer Academy

2019-2020 Empire United Girls Elite Academy

Girls Elite Academy Program Details

2019-2020 Empire United Girls Elite Academy


4 Training Sessions/week

-The Team will train within a proven Tactical and Physical Periodization Model that will balance individual and team development throughout the 8 month season.


2 Sessions/week Strength and Conditioning

-HD Performance provides team and individual training sessions throughout the season to compliment the annual training plan.


Individual Development Plans

-Each player will meet with their head coach to discuss goals to improve their game. This includes an assessment period, development plan period and action plan period. This process repeats throught the season.


Clear and Concise Style of Play

-Teaching the players about the Empire Style of Play is an important piece of player development. Understanding team principles and the individual actions required to implement them are the foundation to individual growth. Each player has an important role in the teams success. Having a sound understanding of these roles leads to improvisation and creativity later in their careers..."Freedom Within the Framework".


Position Specific Film Analysis

-Each week players are provided with game footage to evaluate key team principles and individual actions. Through constant and meaningul reflection, athletes learn to be their own critics and embrace a growth mindset.