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Fall 2020 Futures House League

Our Empire Futures Fall Program runs for seven weeks with one training session per week and one game-night per week.

Fall Session Information:

Sessions will run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from Sept. 15th- Oct. 29th at the times listed below.

  • 5:10PM-6:00PM: U8-U10 (Birth Years 2013-2010)
  • 6:10PM-7:00PM: U12-U14 (Birth Years 2009-2006)   

Cost: $140    

Training Sessions:

Our training sessions are a combination of technical footwork training, small-sided games, and differential learning opportunities that allow our players to develop the creative, decision-making skills they will need on the field in years to come.

You may find our players working through obstacles placed in the middle of their game fields, perfecting their footskills by dribbling with a tennis ball instead of a soccer ball, or playing through other distractions, like passing while playing catch with a friend, or checking their field of vision while pulling moves. We focus on individual technical skill in both attacking and defending as well. You will see them playing 1v1 and 2v2 often in a variety of different game-like and challenging situations.    

Game Sessions: 

On game nights, players will compete in 3v3 -9v9 games, depending on the age group. These small-sided games are designed so that players will get as many touches on the ball as possible, which is crucial for both their skill development and enjoyment!

The Futures Path

For our youngest Futures players,the house program can be a pathway onto our youngest Empire United Club teams. Currently that means our 2013 Boys and Girls! Over the course of the 2020/2021 season, interested 2013 players will be invited to additional training opportunities to help prepare them for the exciting step into more competitive soccer!   

Vilardo masks

Vilardo masks

Not Old Enough for our Futures Program Yet?

Not Old Enough for our Futures Program Yet?

Come Join the SoccerRoos!

The SoccerRoos program is for children ages 2.5-7 and includes footskills and fun skill games that become more advanced as players grow and learn! Learn more about the different program options at SoccerRoos.com


Covid Modifications

We care about keeping your kids safe!

We care about keeping your kids safe!
  • Coaches will wear masks while coaching.
  • Players will not be asked to handle any equipment or share pinnies.
  • Coaches will wash and sanitize equipment regularly.
  • Players should wear masks on their walk to and from the field. Players do not need to wear masks while playing, but can choose to do so. 
  • Spectators will not be allowed on the fields at this time. All players should be dropped off and picked up in accordance with guidelines. 
  • Empire Buffalo Return to Play Protocol. PLEASE READ!

Additional Program Info

Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff


Our training sessions are planned and coached by licensed premier-level coaches who are dedicated to helping all players build the foundational skills to set themselves up for success in their future soccer careers, whether those careers be at Empire United, recreational leagues, or competitive travel soccer clubs. 

What is the Empire United Development Pathway?

As an Empire Futures player, your child has many paths from which to choose.  

Many will continue and make the move to our Empire United "Junior" or Club teams.  Some will even continue on to the ...

What Makes Empire United Different From Other Premier Soccer Clubs?

Empire United is the only non-profit premier club in the area.  We are also the only U.S. Development Academy Club under U.S. Soccer in Western New York.