Empire United Soccer Academy


Boys Pre-Development Academy Program Structure

The PDA is a 7 week program (each 7 week period is called a "Phases") consisting of 1 training session per week.  Empire will run three phases from August to March, with a separate Summer Phase taking place in July. 

Sessions are broken up into two zones based by birth year.

Zone 1: 2008 & 2009 Birth Years 

Zone 2: 2006 & 2007 Birth Years 

Training sessions will take place on weekends (Sundays whenever possible) at the Empire United Soccer Complex in Rochester (1520 John Street, West Henrietta, NY). 

2019-2020 Schedule:

Summer Phase - July 2019

Phase I - August-October 2019

Phase II - November-December 2019

Phase III - January-March 2020



As a reminder this is an invite only program available only to players from Empire United (Canada, Buffalo, Rochester) and their affilitates (Syracuse affiliate - SDA, Utica affiliate - SDA Utica).