Empire United Soccer Academy

At-Home Training Plans

Use these workouts below on the days that you would normally have training. On non-training days, feel free to repeat any exercises, drills, or other skill challenges. Download our weekly training log with even more resources and training ideas here: Empire United Training Log. Mark down whenever you are playing or completing workouts. Check back often for links to more online resources! 

Training Plans U8-U11 Training Plans U12-U18
Week 1 U8-U11 Week 1 U12-U14
Week 2 U8-U11 Week 2 U12-U14
Week 3 U8-U11 Week 3 U12-U14
Week 4 U8-U11 Week 4 U12-U14
Week 5 U8-U11 Week 5 U12-U14
Week 6 U8-U11 Week 6 U12-U18
Week 7 U8-U11 Week 7 U12-U18
Week 8 U8-U11 Week 8 U12-U14
Week 9 U8-U11 Week 9 U12-U14
Goalkeeper Training Videos
Goalkeeper Training Session 1
Goalkeeper Training Session 2
Goalkeeper Training Session 3
Strength and Conditioning Video
Intro to Strength & Conditioning