Empire United Soccer Academy

Financial Aid Options

Financial Aid Form (Need based)

  • Empire is now offering scholarships in the amount of $200, $400, $600 and custom upon request. Simply fill out the Financial Aid Form. Awards will be given out on August 1st and then on a rolling basis. Applicants may be randomly selected to provide the two most recent income tax forms to verify form accuracy. 

Insurance Wellness Programs - Independent Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • We are now registered and/or accepting most Independent Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield wellness cards. The responsibility of knowing if your plan qualifies is on the individual family, not Empire. In most cases, you can pay on your child’s player fees using the wellness credits through our online registration system.
  • If you want to use a specific amount that is different than a payment amount we have two options;
    • Send us your wellness card information so we can make the partial payment for you (preferred)
    • Send us an email stating how much you want to use on your card and we can adjust one of your payment amounts to match.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Empire is not currently staffed to set up and run fundraisers. However, over the years we've accumulated a number of ideas and options that would be supported. All that is needed is an individual(s) who want to lead an initiative. If you are looking for ways to defray costs of participating in the program and you have the time and energy to lead a fundraising initiative, let us know

Family Discounts*

  • If you have two children in the program we’ll discount both tuition amounts by 4%
  • If you have three children in the program we’ll discount all three tuition amounts by 8% 

  * Only applies to rostered children (developmental players are not eligible for family discounting)