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Empire United Select Programs - Register now for Session #2 (April to June)

Travel Team Programs for athletes in 6th grade through 12th grade

Select Travel Programs for players in grades 6 through 12

Our first session starts today, but interested athletes can register for Session II, which runs April through June. Registering for a 'tryout' puts you into our database and we also provide a dri-fit Empire shirt for all who register for a tryout.

(Session #1 - January through March and Session #2 - April through June) 




*Due to COVID concerns this year, we are offering shorter programs to our athletes and all of our program costs include only our fixed costs and 'home' practices and games. Each program is different and offers a unique curriculum to provide more skill development and game play opportunities to our athletes. Should outside competition become available, we will offer those opportunities, but we have planned all programs to provide skill development and game play within our own Empire facilities. 


Empire United Select (6-8th Grade) - stay tuned for new dates for 2021 for this age group!

Our Select program for 6th to 8th graders is intended to prepare our athletes for their upcoming school seasons. The focus of this program is to introduce field hockey to middle-school athletes and ensure our newer players develop the skills and understanding of the game to progress towards their high school playing careers. Two weekly session will include skill instruction and games in order to teach field hockey and allow athletes to have fun playing the sport while learning. 

Empire United Select 9-10th Grade & 11-12th Grade Teams - Session #1 (Winter) $650

Our first Select Session meets twice weekly from January through March. The focus will be skill development. One weekly session is organized into skill stations designed by our college coaching staff that targets all of the advanced skills necessary to compete at the college level. Athletes will be grouped according to experience and ability, and move through each skill together so that they can challenge each other. The second weekly session will feature game play in a variety of forms - 4v4, 7v7, 11v11 - so that we can encourage creativity, execution of skills under pressure, and provide the competitive game play that every athlete wants to experience. This session is not 'team-based' in order to encourage individual growth and development. 

Empire United Select 9-10th Grade & 11-12th Grade Teams - Session #2 (Spring) $650

Our second Select Session also meets twice weekly, but we will form competitive travel teams that will compete locally and regionally (if safe to do so). Our teams will train together and compete together in as many games, scrimmages and tournaments available to us in the spring season. We anticipate the ability to host our own games and events at our Empire facilities, and will also consider, with our familes' input, some events outside our home facility, provided it is safe and permissible by our local and state safety standards. 

Due to COVID-19, and the uncertainty of outside competition and travel, please note that all of our Empire United programs cover all practice sessions, but do not include outside tournaments or scrimmages. If it is safe to do so, we will add games, tournaments, leagues, and other outside opportunities, and those additional competition costs will be split among the athletes participating in those outside events.