Empire United Soccer Academy

Empire United take over All Greater Rochester honors

Empire United take over All Greater Rochester honors

This past High School soccer season saw many of our players receive memorable All Greater Rochester (AGR) honors. Many of our players received State Championships and Section V titles, with a large number of them being honored with individual awards and acknowledgements.

Empire United Congratulates all our players who have been selected for AGR honors for the 2017 High School Season.


Boys High School Soccer

First Team All Greater Rochester Selections

Dominic Duncan- McQuaid – EUSA Boys u19

Justin Eaton – Williamson – EUSA Boys u19

Tommy Gallina – McQuaid - EUSA Boys u19

Adriano Margiotta – McQuaid – EUSA Boys u19

Kyle Sicke – Webster Thomas – EUSA Boys u19


Second Team AGR Selections

Justin – LaFountain – EUSA Boys u19

Josiah Fragnito – Aquinas – EUSA Boys u19


AGR Honorable Mentions-

Zein Mohamed – Rush-Henrietta – EUSA Boys u19

Justin James – Rush-Henrietta – EUSA Boys u19

John Flannery – Fairport – EUSA Boys u19

David Goetz – Honeoye Falls-Lima - EUSA Boys u19

Bobby Guilfoil – Fairport – EUSA Boys u19

Cullen Bock – Wayne – EUSA Boys u16

Thomas Binkowski – Bath – EUSA Boys u17

Andrew Vogler – Dansville – EUSA Boys u17

Dylan Duffy – McQuaid - EUSA Boys u19


Girls High School Soccer

Coach of the Year

Tom Natalie – Fairport – EUSA Girl u15 Coach


First Team All Greater Rochester Selections

Zoe Janes – Fairport – EUSA Girls u18

Olivia Wall – Spencerport – EUSA Girls u17

Emily Wolak – Aquinas – EUSA Girls u18


Second Team AGR Selections

Rachel Wengender – Webster Schroeder - EUSA Girls U18


AGR Honorable Mentions-

Sophie Richiusa – Penfield – EUSA Girls u18

Alex Farrance – Penfield – EUSA Girls u18

Lia Rohr – Irondiquoit – EUSA Girls u18

Julia Koron – Pittsford Sutherland – EUSA Girls u18

Lisa Abe – Pittsford Mendon – EUSA Girls u17

Emily Parker – Brockport – EUSA Girls u17

Renee Vito – Aquinas – EUSA Girls u18

Nicole Bell – Mercy – EUSA Girls u18

Amata Valentini – Bishop Kearney – EUSA Girls u17

Camryn Pettit – Newark – EUSA Girls u17

Juliana Stoddard – H/AC – EUSA Girls u17

Carley LoPresto – Livonia – EUSA Girls u18